Written by admin

On March 22, 2018

I have just, after some trial emails and feedback from friends, discovered that emails have not been getting through to me.
I have been working behind the scenes to try and get some new improvements done to the website and they should be up shortly.
I have now put resolving the email issue at the top. Hopefully it will be all working very soon.
Thank you to everyone and I apologize to anyone who has been trying to reach us and failling to do so.

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I don't know if anyone else has the problems with email forwarding that I have had. Supposedly it is now resolved so anyone who might have been trying to get through, please try again. It is probably due to my lack of knowledge or maybe my habit of trying to rush...

Working on Updates

Working on Updates

If you have problems finding something, be aware that we are working very hard at re-doing some of the design and links. Please bear with us, they should be completed in the next few days. We are hoping to make the site easier to navigate and locate all that you are...

Still Trying to Work out the Bugs

Still Trying to Work out the Bugs

Hi, again. I think I have finally resolved the email problem only to discover my shop page had disappeared. I think that problem is now solved as well. Fingers Crossed. Hope all in well. Let me know if more problems are found. Thank you.


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