1870 Canadian Silver Quarter


1870 Canadian Silver Quarter

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Excellent Canadian Silver Quarter from 1870 in Extra Fine Condition

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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × .125 in

The Province of Canada did not issue this denomination so new tools were required for the Dominion of Canada issue.
There were five obverse and two reverse designs used during Victoria’s reign.
They had minor differences and were listed as Q1 – Q5. The 1870 had the Q1 design.
The reverse design was basically the same as in all other silver denominations: crossed boughs of sweet maple tied at the bottom with a ribbon and surmounted by St. Edward’s crown.
Mintage 900,000, designer and engraver was Leonard C. Wyon. Composition .925 silver, .075 copper.
This is a very nice example in EF condition.