1953 SF Canadian Nickel

1953 SF Canadian Nickel


1953 Shoulder Fold, Near Leaf Canadian Nickel

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Unc, MS63


Bright Uncirculated Coin, Shoulder Fold and near leaf


MS63 beautiful bright nickel with shoulder fold and near leaf

1953 Canadian Nickel with shoulder fold and near leaf.
1953 and 1954 nickels had two obverse varieties, no shoulder fold and shoulder fold.
The first obverse variety has been commonly termed “no shoulder strap”.
In the latter part of 1953 the Mint decided to correct the defects by strengthening the shoulder and hair detail.
This modified design was called the “shoulder strap” variety. The I’s on the no shoulder fold are flared at the ends and on the shoulder fold variety they are nearly straight.
The reverse was a continuation of the George VI reverse.
Laureate Bust, Beaver Design, 12 sided steel.
Designer and engraver, Obverse Mary Gillick, Thomas Shingles, Reverse G.E. Kruger-Gray, Thomas Shingles
Mintage 16,635,552