1993 US Silver Eagle One Dollar Bullion

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1993 US Silver Eagle One Dollar Bullion

1993 Silver Eagle One Dollar Bullion Coin

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proof-like beautiful One Dollar bullion coin.


Uncirculated unmarked beautiful bullion coin

The silver eagle is a one-ounce bullion coin with a face value of one dollar.
The obverse has Adolph A. Weinman’s Liberty Walking design used on the half dollar coins from 1916 through 1947.
The reverse design is a rendition of a heraldic eagle by John Mercanti.
There are two coins available. One is an absolutely beautiful coin with almost no marks although has heavy toning.
The other is basically the same but not as bright.
Unfortunately they are too large to fit in a dollar holder and are kept in a plastic pouch.
Mintage 6,763,762